Dec 8 2008
02:46 pm
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers,
This week's column is a little late and shorter than usual. I just back from the printers and my new "Rockwood Memories # 2", along with the original "Rockwood Memories" will be ready Friday December 12, 2008. They can be had by calling me at (865) 354-7680, or "Shack's Restaurant" and "Yonder Hollow" in Rockwood. My mailing address is Ray Collett POBox 333 Rockwood, TN. 37854. I am asking twelve dollars for them and if you want one mailed, please add two bucks to cover the shipping charges. Now on with the column.
I am sure we all remember Bob Archey, (Class of 1953). Bob is an avid reader of "Rockwood Memories" and often contributes his memories to it. Bob recalls Mary Ellen Burkett Varner's parents who wrote the Thanksgiving story a couple of weeks ago, very well. Here is Bob's email....

Ray, the last writer sure struck a memory cord in me too. Having grown up on the "Ensminger Farm" I can share a lot of Mary Ellen's thoughts. The big white farm house, the open fields across from it ,and the original Post Oak Christian Church. I spent a lot of time walking the old cemetery and have had a tendency to so till this day. Maybe she remembers Miss Cisco who lived across from the driveway where we lived. My mother spent many a day helping that lady and she in return taught Mom how to can and cook many a item. A great old lady and we still have a piece of furniture she gave us.
My brothers and I spent a lot of days hunting rabbits and squirrels in the winter and walked to the lake to fish in the summer.
My mother knew Miss Elsie and Mr Burkett well and often "made" me go to church there. Mr. Burkett was always trying to do something around the church to keep it up and as I remember him he was a very busy man.
One thing more and I`ll shut up. My dad had a wreck in the curve just before Miss Ciscos place . He flipped 3 times with a 50 lb. bag of flour in the back seat. Every time he flipped he met the bag and we managed to get him out finally. Rev. Burkett looked at him said that he hoped dad would be the last ghost he would ever see!!!!!!!
Thanks Mary Ellen for the memories . I could go on forever as that was a special time in my life. Bob Archey
Rockwood 2000 really outdid themselves (as usual) in arranging the "Rockwood Homes Tour" this past weekend. Thanks to all of the volunteers and hosts. The re-enactors were amazing, down to every detail. It really took us back to that period in time, Thanks gang.....As I wind this column up, the Rockwood Christmas Parade is tonight, Dec. 8, 2008 at 8 pm. It looks like the weather will be cooperating and the turnout should be fantastic. Come on down and get in the Christmas spirit with us, the town is beautifully decorated.........Until next week..........Ray

Correction on the Book date

The correct date for the Book publication date is Friday December 12, 2008, in time for Christmas..Thanks, Ray Collett

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