Sep 10 2007
06:57 am

It's this Saturday night, but you wouldn't know it by going to their web site. How about someone on the commission telling us about it?

Members got a letter about it

Some time ago they sent a letter out to their members with an RSVP about the gala. We got one. It's a paid-admission silent auction.

-- OneTahiti

It's a Rachel Parker Roast

I went last year and had a great time.

They have great wine and horse doovers, but I still have a lot of the country ham I bought in the freezer. A whole pig leg is tough to eat in an empty nest.

4th Heritage Gala Evening

Saturday September 15 2007
in honor of the Historic Roane County Court House
and Guest of Honor: Rachel Parker

$50.00 per person ($25.00 tax deductible)
Wine & Heavey Hors D'oeuvres @ 6:30PM
Program @ 7:30 (which includes a roasting of Rachel Parker)
Silent Auction

Period Dress is Encouraged.

Tickets or questions 865.376.9211

Period Dress?

What kind of dress do you think I should wear, Outsider?

I'll be there and it'll be

I'll be there and it'll be fun just as it has been in years past.

As for the dress, it won't be period wear for me but, it will be comfortable wear for the ole' courthouse lawn on a cool summer evening.

Let's show Rachel a good time while we drink some wine and dine.

I will see you there and will certainly be in period dress

The period will, however, be circa 2007.

T-shirt and shorts, more than likely...And hey...Love the Wooden Indians!

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