Sep 10 2007
06:43 am

There is so much wrong with the way this was handled, I don't know where to start.

Somewhere in the budget for a 12 million dollar (if we're lucky) project there has to be a few dollars for taking care of citizens who are displaced for a public works project.

Home torn down to make way for jail

Come on, Roane County! Let's have a little professionalism here. And could you at least ACT like you care?

Address for donations to Ruby King, jail construction victim

Ruby King is the single mother of four who was suddenly displaced by the new county jail construction and who lost work and went into debt finding a new home and paying for the move.

Donations to help her may be sent to:<!--break-->

Ruby King,
c/o Regions Bank (where she works)
200 Roane Street
Harriman, TN 37748

What happened to her could happen to any of us. And it shouldn't happen to anyone.

-- OneTahiti

I think someone should take

I think someone should take a look at her lease on the home she was evicted from.

It would seem like either the County or her landlord (Who was that again?)
would have some liability in helping her find a new place. Particularly since I'll bet the house was sold for a very good profit. (We might try to find out what that was, now that I think of it)

Has anybody asked...

the County how and when notice was given?

Given the obligations the County has/had, should we expect them to stop the project and cause various situations to arise that would cost yet more money?


A contract is a contract

Notice has nothing to do with it. The County has the obligation to serve it's tax payers equally and to not facilitate a violation of a contract.

We don't know that this has happened for sure but I would like to have a lawyer revue the lease .

I don't know what a legal review would show...

But from the lawyers I've been in contact with, I can pretty well predict that they would say that the notion that "a contract is a contract" is very much an oversimplification. Depends on the contract - and notice has LOTS to do with MANY contracts involving leases and rentals.

With whom was the contract? Roane County?


Roane County News

The RCN needs to have online access to its articles and editorials. Gerald Largen has an excellent discussion, loaded with snark of course, that deals with this case.

RB, I think your other question about who the contract was with is answered in the discussions above but to reiterate, Ms. King had a 12 month lease with her landlord that had a couple of months left to go. That's the one I'd sugest Ms. King take to an attorney for review. I suspect she's owed some money by the landlord.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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