Sep 9 2007
10:54 pm
By: grasshopper

So who's running as a democrat against Ken Yager? I've been out of the loop lately.

Tom McFarland was making

Tom McFarland was making noises before his latest troubles. I haven't heard anything else recently.

Surely there's someone who would like to take on this challenge?

we get emails...

Someone tells me that Teresa Kirkham is thinking about running as a Dem.

That's interesting on a couple of levels.

Some else tells me that Ken Yager may have primary opposition and that "research is being done"...

I call this "hearsay" at this point, but it's fun to speculate. And people, don't be scared to post a comment all by yourself (though as you see, I'll post what you tell me as long as it's reasonable) . You get to be anonymous if you want to be. Just be factual and nice.

I'm no expert, but I could play one on TV

Im no expert on electoral math, nor popularity, but it seems to me that this is Mr. Yager's seat to lose unless a strong, progressive democrat comes out of Roane County to splinter his support. The district is much more conservative than it has been in the past..With Roane County being the largest county and titling towards conservatives or incumbents, rhea county being strong republican and campbell always electing republicans, Yager will be a tough match. Nothing against Mr. Yager, but I hope that the Dem's can find a thoughtful, energetic, honorable, progressive person to run against will make for much more vigorous debate and give the citizens' an alternative to business as usual.

voting machines

With the Diebold voting machines we have now in this county, it may not matter that much who runs. See this recent study by Princeton and U of California Berkeley researchers in PDF format: (link...)

In short, with Diebold machines:
1) There is no guarantee of a secret ballot.
2) The vote counts are readily and quickly manipulated without trace by the dishonest.
3) There is no way to tell what the actual vote counts are.

Any election using Diebold is an election in name only.

-- OneTahiti

And the logical implication...

of the assumption that there would be problems in Roane County can only come from a presumption of dishonesty among the folks who administer the election.

So it will be a matter of who runs, I believe. Or does someone have evidence of problems in the Election Commission and Election Administrator's office that I'm not aware of?


The problems with Diebold

The problems with Diebold voting machines are not confined to possible dishonesty of local election administrators.

The Diebold voting system is readily hackable before, during, and after the election. Physical access to the machines is not even required.

Since changes to the vote totals are not traceable, wouldn't it be far better not to have the citizens suspicious of every election result and of every election official? Having a paper trail be what counts would remove the cloud that is already over every Diebold-involved election.

And the lack of a secret ballot is not about dishonesty, but the possibility of someone simply being observant.

-- OneTahiti

We had a very good candidate, but...

Joe Caldwell decided that having a life might be more important that dealing with the craziness of a campaign. It is rare that we get a young, bright, energetic, and most of all, community minded person who actually has the talent to do a real good job for us.

I would hope that someone will step up for us. I believe that Ken Yager did a good job for the County during his day, but I think we need someone different now.

Can we find someone with Leadership? And I mean real leadership, not just a campaign slogan.



How about that sharp young fellow Steve Scarborough? He's bright, energetic, hardworking, articulate, forward-looking, community-minded... :) We don't always see eye to eye, but I get the feeling he's willing to listen.

-- OneTahiti

Huh? What?

Sorry...I can't seem to hear you.....

( But that was a very nice thing to say...tx)

So who's running?


2008 races

Well I know that someone is fishing around on Ken Yager. I think it is anonther GOPer. Someone said that Goins from Campbell county and some lady from Rhea county that use to work for van hillary where also going to run for the Republicans. What happened to Jim Henry running... did he move or something?

As of us.... someone said Dennis Ferguson was going to run, I really hope not.. I mean I like Dennis but I think we need to keep him in the house. I also heard that Becky Ruppy in Morgan County and that guy that was appointed from Fentress County when Lincoln left... Walker is his last name.... both of them were looking at running?

Anyone know any more??

No info here

So far, I can't get excited about anybody who's expressed interest except for Joe Caldwell, and he decided not to run.

I like Ken Yager but I think his day is past. Roane County is in recovery mode now. I never thought I'd say it, but I wish Tommy K would stay on.

Senate Seat Polling

Well I knew someone was doing a poll. I got a call a few weeks ago about the race and then yesterday when I was in Oliver Springs I saw on the front of the Morgan County News that Becky Ruppy did well in a poll. It put Ruppe, Dennis and old Tommy McFarland up against each other. Dennis won here in Roane but Ruppe polled better in the district, but just by a few points. The Republicans had Yager, Holly Travis from Rhea and William Baird for Campbell. Yager won here and he also polled better in the district, but just by a few ponts over the woman. Who use to work for Van Hillary. I am wondering if he did not put her up to run against Yager after the Govenors race a few years ago when Jim Henery ran against Van. Kind of payback for Yager and others not supporting him. Just a thought.

Well I wonder what is going to happen now. Who is going to run for the Democrats? They need to get on the ball or they are going to let Yager get to far ahead to do anything. Just my thought on it.

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