Nov 16 2008
08:45 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Hello Readers, Today's email brings a couple of letters from David McCuiston (Class of 1962) commenting on last weeks article about Jim Warner. Let's see what David wrote...
" Ray, I remember Jim and was mesmerized when I first saw him play. You are so right, he was good, and he could pitch too. He had that toss-up, removing the glove and throwing down to perfection. BTW, I played one year for Clymersville in the early 60s -- had to sign a small contract just like the big boys. I didn't have much of an impact on the team.

"I remember my Little League days in Rockwood, playing on that small field beside the football stadium at the high school. There was a tennis court fence that created a shortened left field. I remember one game in which David Simcox and I were pitchers on opposing teams. That in itself is nothing significant. What is however, is on one Saturday afternoon, about half-way through the game, David pitched me one right down the middle. Like the might Casey, I lofted that dude over that tennis court fence. I don't remember who was playing center field on David's team, but I sure had to hustle around the bases because he got that ball back in play very quickly -- it wasn't an automatic home run you see.

Well next inning, I'm pitching and David comes to bat. You talk about a re-play, I delivered one to him about the same place he did to me the previous inning, and David lofted that dude right over that tennis court fence about the same place I did. I don't even remember who won that day, but the plays of the game were those two home runs. And if my aged recollection is correct, we were the first two to ever hit one over that fence in league play. "

"Thanks for bringing back the memory Ray." ...David McCuiston (1962)

David also wrote, "I remember some Sunday afternoon football games also, at the high school between the Rockwood Boys and some of us "outsiders." I don't remember all the players, but the Rockwood side, from time to time, had Butch Phillips, Sam Doughty, Ken Foust, Wayne Evans, Virgil Janoe, Jerry Collette, maybe Jean Caruthers and others. The Outsiders, those of us who lived in and around Rockwood, composed of Jackie Green, WC Hatfield, Max Reed (I seem to remember), Joe Cameron, Buddy Whitehead and myself. There were others, but time clouds the mind, don't you know.

We had some great games, no one ever broke any bones, even after Virgil or Butch rolled on top of us, yes we were playing tackle." David McCuiston Class of 1963
And since we have no limit on words, I might as well send this one from Jean Thomas White(Class of 1960) around for you to read. Jean was raised in the Clymersville area and is living in Arizona. Smack dab in the middle, I bet. Here is Jean's email. It isn't about Rockwood, but will make you appreciate our little town more.. Tell us about Arizona Jean

" Ah, you should have been a fly on the wall at our house Monday evening/night. About 9:00 pm, our cocky, rotten, spoiled, black pug Mayday decided that she wanted to join me on the love seat. She does this frequently, successfully. Monday, her rear legs slipped as she jumped. The look of shock on her face when she failed was priceless! She still won't jump, poor baby. Of coarse, my husband and I both laughed quite a bit, which didn't help.

Then, about midnight, I decided to retire for the night. Something stirred me to look out the front window, which I rarely do. I thought, what a big coyote that is, just outside the window. Then I realized that "big coyote" was our German Shepherd, Lance, who was supposed to be in our fenced backyard. I closed the bedroom door to keep those pesky pugs in the house, opened the front door, called Lance and he ran into the house, stopped in the middle of the living room and pawed at his mouth. I first thought that he had a prairie dog or squirrel or rabbit, till I got a good look. Poor Lance!!!! he had a Prickly Pear cactus adhered to his muzzle. He couldn't even open his mouth, since the spines were in his upper and lower muzzle area and even in the sides of his mouth and nose. He looked at me and whinned. Nothing else that he could do. I managed finally to wake the husband and we spent the next 2 1/2 hours pulling out the main cactus and the individual spines. Lance is such a gentile soul that even when his mouth was cleared, he didn't try to bite us. He kept backing away and turning his head. Those spines hurt! It took both of us holding him while the husband used pliers to pull them out. What a night!!! After things quieted down, I think that we sat and laughed for an hour before finally retiring the second time for the night. Do you think that Lance learned his lesson? No! He got out the next morning again!

Our back yard is well fenced in for Lance and the pugs, the gates were closed and locked, so we weren't sure how he got out, till he took Charlie straight to his escape place, lowered his head and pushed. Needless to say, the place is repaired now. Always something interesting going on out here on the desert.

Some day, I will tell those of you who do not know the story, about the skunk who visited us. Ah, living on the desert can be a challenge at times." Thanks Jean
I don't think we have any Prickly Pear Cactus here, but we DO have Sweet Gum trees, and the balls from them are loaded with stickers. Hey, I just had an idea...Could we put about six to a baggie and sell them to the Northern'ers as "Porcupine Eggs." Probably could...
Today was a little cooler outside so I spent most of the day watching the film, "Rockwood 1951." I transposed mine over to a DVD so it won't break or wear out. If anyone DOESN't have this DVD, I have a few left...Call me at (865) 354-7680 or email me .........Until next week, Ray

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