Sep 8 2007
07:59 am
By: WhitesCreek

In the butterfly book, the Diana Butterfly is only found in the four Tennessee counties along the peak of the Smoky Mountains...Don't you believe it!

This striking female got her picture taken yesterday right in Roane County's Whites Creek Gorge.

Whitescreek, Thanks for the


Thanks for the beautiful Diana Butterfly photo and post. There are many Dianas here--they seem to be attracted to cat food--but we never knew they were rare. We are some miles down the road from you.

-- OneTahiti

Glad you like it

Diana's are still in the minority of the butterflies that mimic the spcebush swallowtail. We have one that is very common here that is a variant of the red spotted purple that is very similar to the Diana. I've been fooled a lot of times until I learned the difference.

The Diana flies differently and has much larger hind wings. all of the mimics are beautiful though, and it doesn't really matter which one we see. I just sat for a few minutes and watched a flock of spice bush swallowtails feed on a thistle.


I won't swear I wasn't fooled. But you are right that they are beautiful. :) Thanks again.

-- OneTahiti


I have a small pair of binoculars that I use for bird watching and bug watching too. They really help these old eyes tell the difference in similar species. The fritillary butterflies are all gorgeous. Knowing about where you live, there's no reason you shouldn't see several of them.

Dianas feed exclusively on violets as a caterpillar and are found near steams in adjacent deciduous woodlands.

We have a rich bounty of butterflies around Roane County. I hope we can keep as much of our natural areas as possible.

Roane County has plenty of deciduous woods

We often have lots of violets in season, and these deciduous woodlands are definitely adjacent to streams. :)

Thanks again for all the butterfly images and information. :)

-- OneTahiti

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