Oct 27 2008
09:54 am
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers...Frost was on the "punkin" this morning and I had to finally get into my long britches. Gennell and I helped out at our "Fall Festival" getting there before daylight and it was a little chilly. The turnout was really great especially on such a short notice. It reminded me of our old fashion "Trade Days" that Rockwood used to have. And the classic (don't want to call them antique, makes me feel older) sure put the finishing touches on the festival. Along with fine music all day on two stages, and fifty or so vendors, antique tractors, (don't remember them, we always used an old mule) and the Rockwood 2000's Beauty Pageant we really had a full day of activities in Rockwood. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped and I won't even start naming them, there were so many i know someone would be left out. Football season is in full swing now, and on that note, I found an email from Kendall Morgan that I had stored until football season was here. Kendall was a member of the 1947 team that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.
Here is what Kendall had to say.........
" Ray,
At Jr's the other night, you said you were young when I played football at Rockwood but remembered all of us playing. So, on the way back to Chattanooga that night I thought after nine years of Jr high, high school, college and service football and that I must have a few good memories. I remembered that they seem to be good but couldn't remember exactly what they were except two Kept popping up in my mind (one good, one bad).

Bad Memory:
After college, I was drafted and sent to Europe where I join a team and played one year in Germany. Our team had a few major college players but was made up of mostly small college players like myself. Our last game was againt a team that was loaded with major college and pro players and were beating other teams in Europe by 50-70 points. Their general gave our general 50 points on a large bet. He didn't tell us the amount but said we were fired if he lost. The game was very close all the way and with 1 minute to go in the game, we were behind 19-12. We had the ball on about the 20 yard line and the quarterback threw a pass to me in the end zone. I was wide open and the ball hit me in the chest, the game ended 19-12. I wanted to test the statement about a draftee being fired. After 9 years of footballs why can't I remember something that I did good and put this one to rest.

Good Memory:
The one good memory has to do with high school and C.D Mee
Playing in a game at Dayton. I think it was my senior year and
Cedar was playing fullback but anyway we seem to be running the ball against them that night. I played quarterback and after the kickoff to us, I called Cedar play a couple of times and he made about 10 yards on each carry. I thought I would keep calling his play until they stopped him but after a couple more plays and them not stopping him, I started telling the Dayton players which way he was coming. By the time we got close to their goalline, Cedar pulled me aside and said "I don't mind you calling my play every time, but if you tell them again, I won't take the ball". On the next play, I had to tell the defense that I couldn't tell them which way he was coming but that he was coming. I can't remember what year that was, the score of the game or if Cedar scored after that but I am sure he did. Cedar would run through a wall if you asked him to.

I do remember that the 1947 team (my freshman year) was one of the best teams that Rockwood ever had and they beat the 3rd ranked team In the state at a bowl game. That was before they divided the schools into A, AA, AAA, AAAA, etc. However, I can't remember much of any game that year. We will have to consult Lawson, Heydel, Halton, Treadway, Norton, Evans and others for details on
That year.

One other memory is that I remember running faster off the field than
I did on the field because I was afraid that a girl might want to walk me
off the field. That was a custom in those days. I knew what to do with a
football but a girl was another thing.

With only few memories of my own, I rely on your article and the memories of others to bring back the good memories of Rockwood." Kendall Morgan

Thanks a lot Kendall...It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Rockwood is having its first (hopefully this will be the start of an annual event) "Murder Mystery.) This will be Sunday, November 2nd. 2008 in the old Boothe Funeral Home building.This will be from 2pm until 4 pm.. Desserts and refreshments will be served. A donation of ten dollars is asked, proceeds are to help the Rockwood 2000 organization put a new roof on the Historical Highway patrol building.
The story centers around a Mr. Jonathan Taylor and his wife who are having an open house at a building they have purchased in downtown Rockwood, and..............
That is all I am allowed to tell. Come on down and enjoy the "Murder Mystery". I am sure you will recognize most of the participants, although they will be in costume. You will be given a pencil and paper to figure out who the culprit is. Clues will be given as you question the participants. If you want to wear "dressy attire" fine, since this is the social event of the year, or just come as you want to dress...Give your name to the BUTLER and he will announce your arrival...
For tickets, a limited number will be sold, call Erika Schenk at 354-6800..
So much is going on in Rockwood now and in the near future, in almost makes you want to move back don't it.............Until next week, Ray

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