Sep 6 2007
06:08 am
By: WhitesCreek

I've been told that the Roane County Park land that was given to Darby C. for his RV park is going to be further developed.

I'm not sure I understand what I was told, but he plans to cut the trees off the ridgeline and put trailers all across the top for rental units.

This place is a huge eyesore as it stands now. This will put it in a world class league of Tennessee trailer parks if it is true.

Can we get the story from anyone?

Who knows about this?

I would think that the people who live on the lake near the marina would be upset by having their view ruined by a bunch of trailers.

Go to the horse's mouth...

Roane County was instrumental in helping the development of the existing park, which has increased influx of non-residents into Roane county to spend their money. Why not ask them what their plans are? Nothing is going to happen to that land (which was not GIVEN to anybody) without their approval and knowing about it. No need to speculate and have to wonder about a conspiracy or the like... call and ask. As has been done before, start with the County Executive's office. He responds to emails and phone calls. That's already been documented on this forum.


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