Oct 19 2008
07:38 pm
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Bottom Row, L to R..Mary Joseph, M.F.Philllips, Tony Thomas, Woodrow Wilson, Carl Stephens, Reba Foust, Callie Teague, , Beth Hinds, B.Pratt, James Cole
Second Row, L to R..Vivian Tauscher, Grace Allen, Anna Barnes, Elmer Foust, Ralph Mc?, Robert Owings, Paul Hinds, Eugene Collette, Raymond Stout
Third Row, L to R..Annie Teague, Nell Hinds, Crystal Keenie, Edith Johnson, ?, Rose Tedder, Alice Hicks, Eva Judd, Sarah Biercamp,
Fourth Row, L to R..Bess Stamey, Claude Martin, Clyde Price, Ralph Dunbar, Marvin Noulder, Clayton B. Roddy, Reba Allison, Gordon Allison
Fifth Row..L to R..Stella Smith (Teacher) 5th Grade around 1922 or 1923

Hello Readers, This picture was sent in by Barbara Roddy Young, (Class of 1957) It is of a 5th grade class taken around 1922 or 1923, luckily everyone was identified except for one person. That is why it is so important to write the names down on the back of pictures before our memories "fade". I am working on my second "Rockwood Memories" book and thanks to all of you who contributed to it by sending emails, stories, or just taking the time to read the articles. I especially want to thank Susan Poland Golliher,(Class of 1971) for her work transferring all of the columns to a CD for publication. Susan is our local resident artist and will have her booth set up at our Rockwood Fall Festival Oct. 24. Stop by and see her artwork...
Every time I feel like stopping my weekly articles, especially since our newspaper doesn't want to print them any longer, I get inspiring emails like the one from Joan Dean Williams, Class of 1955. Joan sent this email after I sent out the column about Lloyd Morris's battle with some health issues...Joan gave me permission to share her email with you, here is what Joan wrote...
" Thanks for sharing such an uplifting and inspiring story. The Bible says, "Love Never Fails,"and this was just proven again. God has really gotten some bad press when it comes to healing especially. That story meant so much to me because I have had many healings among my friends and family. Some healed where God used medicine and doctors and some healings were just plain divine healings by standing in faith on the promises in God's word, constant prayer and intercessory prayer by the body of Christ. We hear so much bad news lately, it is very refreshing to hear good news. Your column is a blessing. "
Joan continues, " Sometimes Ray, when we step out to do something, we really do not know the end results. I have always felt your column had a deeper meaning than what is on the surface. At our age,(which should be at any age, but we get more wisdom when we have more years under our belts, so to speak) I feel we can be more effective for the gospel by just telling our stories in life and letting people know how God has brought us through. It is an evangelistic tool that God uses to reach people that cannot otherwise be reached. Just keep doing what you are doing ! I will be praying for you..." Joan Dean Williams
Thanks Joan for those wonderful words..
Our Rockwood 2000 Christmas Home Tour is right around the corner and Judy Owings Wassom asked me to gather some information and pictures of the Coal Mines explosions in Rockwood. Since Rockwood was a coal mining town, the 2000 Organization is wanting to revive interest in the historical Coal Mines. A display will be set up in the Shooter's Supply Store ( formerly George's Pharmacy) This will be on our Christmas tour. Maybe one day, a trail can be built up to the old mines and a guided tour..Contact me at and let me know what you think about this idea. Until next week, Ray

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