Sep 5 2007
07:21 pm
By: WhitesCreek
Roane County Road Crew

When I was a small child we went to visit my great Aunt Ellen because her husband was going to be working on the road crew near her house and was going to be allowed to come home for lunch. Uncle Cleveland Carter was doing 30 days for drinking and fighting. Uncle Cleveland was pretty much an abusive drunk and the only peace Aunt Ellen had was when he was on the crew, but she missed him terribly during those times and couldn't wait until he came home.

I have no idea why these men are doing time on the road crew but I appreciate them picking up the trash that the fine folks of Roane County throw out of their cars.

I suspect they have their "Ellens" waiting for them at home...

picking up trash

Anyone picking up trash is good. I used to go out two or three times each year to pick up the trash on the 2 1/4 miles of this road--since there was no one else living here to do it--but for health reasons haven't been able to do it for a while. I shudder to think of the trash that must have accumulated on the road by now. The road is not a county road and gets hardly any traffic but it still gets littered.

I remember our trips to Canada when I was a girl. We would cross over in northern Washington State. It was easy to tell where the border was because the litter was all on the US side.

-- OneTahiti

Just out of the picture is

Just out of the picture is the Sheriff Dept. van with an officer at the wheel.

Part of what bothers me about this is that each of those bits of trash that these guys are picking up, denotes a violation of the law. Not only that, but while I was recently working on finding a new location for the national headquarters of a Not for profit Corporation, one of the first things on the list when we visited a candidate community was curb appeal.

Neither the trash nor the prisoners on the side of the road help that aspect of our county's livability.


Even though I agree that each piece of paper represents a violation and both trash and prisoners look bad on our county, the prisoners are the lesser of the two evils. The work crews enable prisoners to reduce their jail time and learn some good work ethics. It also reduces the load on the already over-crowded jail. It gives the correctional department a bargaining chip for discipline and finally it reduces the cost of maintaining our county. That SHOULD make tax payers happy!

Growing up, my Dad used to say, "You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem." The problem here is not the litter or the prisoners. Both are actually symptons of a deeper problem. Just like with medicine, we are treating the symptons and not the actual problem. When WE begin to respect and love our community, we will not litter, and we will pick-up the litter we see. There is an air of apathy in Roane County and we need to look around and find ways to break out of it. We need proactive behavior and not reactive behavior. If litter or a trashy property bugs you, get involved with organizations that fight litter or an organization that works towards a cleaner, more attractive county.

I guess what it really boils down to... Are you part of the solution or the problem?


Exactly, wylamena...

If litter or a trashy property bugs you, get involved with organizations that fight litter or an organization that works towards a cleaner, more attractive county.

I am involved with an organization that wants to make this County better...

And I was trying to point out that one of the most ignored crimes that puts this county down is "Littering"...And I've seen trash fly right out of the window of vehicles with blue lights on top. All I've got to say is,

"Don't Trash Roane County"

Litter Hotline

Can I suggest that if a resident sees littering in action, they should call the Litter Hotline at 1-877-854-8837 (1-877-8-Litter). They do need a plate number, or name of individual with a discription of act. This is an automated, annonymous call.

Also, just wanted to say that this is a great area to learn the issues in Roane County and a great forum for discussing possible ways to deal with these issues, but bottom line is that we have to act on these discussions. Some things require "a little less talk and a lot more action." I really wish I could take credit for that line!

Also, if you see litter coming out of a government vehicle, please contact our mayor with a vehicle description and number. I think we have forgotten that those vehicles are our (the tax payers) responsibility as well.

You are right about the lack of accountability. It is very hard to legally address the litter issue. It is often considered a victimless crime when in actuality WE ALL are the victims. It affects every aspect of our life style. We can not attract new businesses or new residents for all of the new houses being built; both of which would provide a boost to the Roane County Economy base.

Again, this IS a great place to air out issues, but we need to apply these things to our lives or the discussion was for nothing.


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