Sep 5 2007
07:00 am
By: WhitesCreek

The Roane County Commission meets the second Monday of each month and that would be this coming Monday, September 10, unless something's changed.

Has anyone seen an agenda?

Update: Got it.

I spoke with County Mayor Mike Farmer who told me that he hopes to have the Commission agenda posted online for future meetings. I received a copy of the agenda on paper but I don't have it in a postable format.

I would be interested to hear the report from the Ethics Committee.

The only controversial thing I see is a resolution to accept the roads in Crystal Cove subdivision as County Roads. Do they actually meet County specifications now?

There's the usual resolutions authorizing the County Attorney to file a lawsuit against a property owner for overgrown vegitation and another for operating an illegal junkyard.

Other items

resolution 09-07-12 to approve leasing 6 vehicles for the Sheriff's Dept.

Resolution 09-07-17 To modify the jail study committee and Long Range Planning Committee.

We have a Long Range Planning Committee? What have they been planning?

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