Sep 22 2008
07:48 am
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers, Kendall Morgan (Class of 1951) sent an email recently telling me that he was cleaning out his attic and ran across an old 1947 Rockwood Times. He sent me an article about five boys, (Tom, C.W. and Jack Pemberton along with Bill Long and Tom Davis) from Rockwood, playing for Tn. Wesleyan that some might enjoy reading. Kendall remembers seeing Davis kick the football at the Rockwood field (practice) and said he had never seen anyone kick it as high and deep as he could. Kendall also said that he had watched the five players at Wesleyan a couple of games and Tom was outstanding in both games, one of the best guards that Kendall had ever seen. Here is what the article had to say...

Rockwood Tennessee, which lies in the heart of the great Tennessee Valley, has always been proud of their football teams and their football players. This year, the Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs, who are ranked number two in the nation, as far as Junior Colleges are concerned, have five boys from Rockwood on their squad. All five boys were standouts at Rockwood High School just a few years back. Such stars as Tom Pemberton, Jack Pemberton, C.W.Pemberton, Tom Davis, and Bill Long are now starring for the Bulldogs.
Tom Pemberton, who played four years of football at Rockwood and went into the Marine Corps after his completion of high school is now in his seventh year of football. He played one year at Pearl Harbor, and is now in his second year at Wesleyan. He is the only Wesleyan player who has started every game for the past two years. Tom, who lost an arm while in the service, is being highly considered for the Little All-American Team. If he makes this team it will be the first time that a Junior College player has ever been chosen. Tom made the Junior College All-American team last year and it is expected that he will repeat again this year. Tom plays right guard.
C.W., who is a brother of both Tom and Jack, is one of the best defensive guards on the Wesleyan team. He has been a standout all year for the Bulldogs, and was a great star last year in the Peach Bowl game at Macon, Georgia. C.W. played three years of football at Rockwood before he entered the US Navy.
Jack Pemberton, who is one of the smallest players on the Wesleyan squad, is considered by Coach Hudson to be best blocking end on the team. Jack weighs only one hundred and fifty pounds, but his spirit is supreme and that is why he is rated as one of Wesleyan's better ends. Jack is also playing his second year at Wesleyan along with Tom and C.W. Jack can be remembered by the Rockwood fans as a good pass-receiving end who played tailback in his last year at Rockwood.
Bill Long, who last played for Rockwood in 1941, and who the fans will remember ran wild over Harriman, for the Tigers first win over the Blue Devils in seven years, is now a standout for Wesleyan playing wingback. Bill, who was one of the Bulldogs outstanding backs last year, has been slowed down this season due to an operation which he had last spring. He was late getting out this season, but has been showing his old form the last two weeks. Of the games remaining on Wesleyan's schedule, Long is expected to see a lot of service in all of them.
Tom Davis, who can kick a ball a mile, and can also pass and run is one of the stars which shine in the Wesleyan camp. He is said to be one the greatest kickers ever to attend Wesleyan . His long punts have been an important factor in the Bulldog victories. He was at his best in the Carson-Newman game, when he kicked two, more than sixty yards. Davis is in his first year of college ball, and at the rate he is going, he will be a great star before he completes college.
There has been times this season when Coach Hudson has all five of his Rockwood players in the game at the same time. No other town can field this many men, not even Athens. The Bulldogs, who played in the Peach Bowl Game last year, and who won the South-Eastern Junior Conference Crown, are out this year for a larger Bowl and keener competition. It is believed by most fans, who have seen the Bulldogs in action this season, that there is no Junior College eleven around this part of the country in their class. An effort is being made by the fans in this section to get the Bulldogs an invitation to the Little Rose Bowl Game to be played at Pasedena, California. And if Wesleyan receives another Bowl Game this year, this school can contribute a part of it to the town of Rockwood.
Thanks Kendall for that article. Seems to me that our Vols could have used those guys. I saw Johnny Lawson (Class of 1949) and he still looks like he could start with any team around. I will send out more stories about our teams of the 40's and 50's as I find information on them. Don't forget our game with Harriman, at home Friday night. Let's turn out and support our Tigers.......Until next week, Ray

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