Sep 4 2007
06:47 am
By: WhitesCreek

We need a farmer's market. I grow some great veggies but I just don't have the touch for somethings...like all the strawberries I want. My yearly strawberry fix comes from a farm down the road. But what about corn, butter beans, field peas, sweet potatoes, or any of the other 100 or so veggies people eat?

I would buy local food for more money than I pay in the grocery store if I could find it on a regular basis. There are a couple of numbers that bother me:

The average bite of food travels 1500 miles to the table.

The state with the highest propotion of direct sales of locally grown food is Vermont, with a pitiful 1.2% of food sold locally.

Would you shop a Farmer's Market first if we had one?

Roane County could use a good farmer's market

Yes, we would shop a farmer's market first. The Smiths out on Eagle Furnace Road--very nice folks!--do have a tiny stand in season. Maybe there are others?

I wish there were a market where farmers and gardeners around here could sell veggies, eggs, fruits, chicken, whatever. We would pay more for food we knew was fresh, local, and safe.

We are sometimes able to get Grainger County tomatoes in the supermarket.

-- OneTahiti

So..Who's got Sweet potatoes?

I think there are other sources of local produce. I suggest folks let us know who's got what by posting it in this comment section.

Farmer's Market

Don's Barber Shop in South Harriman has quite a few produce items. Also a couple of places in Rockwood along Gateway have had produce being sold out of the backs of trucks. Near the "Old Caboose" on Gateway has also been designated as a local farmer's market area.

Nice to know, thanks!

Thanks! I'll let the shopper in our family know. :)

-- OneTahiti

We went to the Delano Amish

We went to the Delano Amish market in Polk County a few weeks back. Good selection despite drought and plenty of sweet potatoes.

Rockwood Caboose

There is a sign for a Farmers Market at the Caboose on Gateway in Rockwood for a Saturday Farmers Market, but I have never seen anyone there at the appointed time...It would be great, not just vege's but plants, honey, candles, anything locally made!


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