Sep 1 2008
07:57 am
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers, Fall is fast approaching and with the changing of the colors, it also brings HALLOWEEN. What does Halloween remind me of? Not necessarily ghosts and goblins, but of outhouses. Who has ever tipped an outhouse over at Halloween?

Speaking of outhouses, this brings up an email from Clyde Weatherford (Class of 1944). Actually it was forwarded from Clyde's sister (with his permission) Margaret Lynn Hartman . I have got to share this one with you...Clyde writes, " In 1940 I had a job delivering the Knoxville News-Sentinel every afternoon around Rockwood. I had finally talked Dad into getting me a bicycle so I could deliver papers faster. One collection day I made my way up Chamberlain Avenue when all of a sudden I had to go to the bathroom. Polk Cooley's house was close by, but no one was at home. I found a nearby outhouse and proceeded to make use of it.
I was wearing bib overalls, and the pockets were big. All of the paper collection money had been stuffed into my billfold and placed in one of the large pockets. As I sat in the outhouse, I dreamed of all the things my tips were going to buy. I knew some of it would have to go toward my new bicycle, but there would be some left over. When I suddenly realized my billfold was gone! Oh no! Now what? My billfold had fallen down the hole.
How am I going to get it out? The paper delivery man will be waiting to be paid down at the pharmacy. I do not have money to pay him so I will have to retrieve it.
I always talked to people sitting on their porches as I made my collections so I went back to a house just two houses away and asked, "Do you have a large empty can? I also need a strip of wood, a hammer and some nails." The man with a questioning look on his face said,"Yes, I think I can find you those things. I hurried back to the outhouse where I hammered the strip of wood to the can and figured it could be run down the hole to retrieve my money. This is really going to stink! My handkerchief can be wrapped around my nose which will help. The strip of wood was too long, and it wouldn't go down the hole, so I had to break off what I didn't need. As I dipped the can time and time again into the hole, I would just get it underneath the billfold. Pulling it up near the sit-down hole, it would slide off and back into the mess. Two hours later, I was finally successful in retrieving my billfold. I went to return the hammer, extra nails and can, if they wanted it. It all smelled bad! I washed the money under their outside faucet but it still stunk.
The paper distributor was still waiting at the Live and Let Live Drug Store for payment. Polk Cooley had already told everyone what had happened as he had ridden by when I was trying to retrieve my money.
When I arrived at the pharmacy, the collection man said,"Please get your money exchanged in the store." I took it in and asked, ""Would you please exchange this money?"
"Yes, Why does it smell so bad?"
""Oh, it just had an accident!"
With the money exchanged, I took it to the collection man who was off to the next town to meet up with other paper boys. I was glad I did not lose any money, just my pride."Clyde Weatherford.
Thanks Clyde, lots of people wouldn't have told that story, but Clyde always "tells it like it is." My email address is or I can be reached at (865) 354-7680 if anyone would like to contribute a story. Until next week,...Ray

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.