Sep 1 2007
10:19 am
By: K-PontheRiver

I noticed an excellent blog on tips for the college bound, this was missing.

What about tips for the not so college bound? Not everyone who graduates from High School ends up in college. For some people money is an issue, or family life, or even the desire not to spend another four years in a class room.

Here’s a tip some of these folks need!

I see pre-adults (to old to be adolescent, and not mature enough to be an adult) every day that can’t fill out a job application correctly. This, to me, is a shame.
This is one reason why education is at the top of my list for things that the county needs to fix. (However, all items on the list need be addressed fairly soon.)

I have trouble accepting an application that is half filled out, covered with food stains, crinkled, and missing pertinent information.

These are simple instructions for filling out an application correctly. This might help land an interview, which is an entirely another matter in itself.

1. Print legibly. (If you have big bubbly handwriting, this is where you would tone it down.)
2. Fill out your application completely. Include phone numbers and correct dates of hire
3. Give 3 good references with phone numbers (ask the reference person for permission to use their name and phone number). Also, if you are filling out the application at the place of business, bring this information with you, don’t ask them for a phone book or leave this info blank. That will put your application in a “NO” file quickly.
4. Dress appropriately at all times, even if you are just picking up an application.
5. If you have never had a job, put babysitting, mowing the lawn, etc. reference in that spot. Volunteer work is great as well.
6. Act like you want the job.
a.) Every time you make personal contact with a place of business, DRESS UP. This cannot be stressed enough. (Unless, of course the job you are applying for is a “dirty job” then dress appropriately.)
b.) Give the Employer your undivided attention. Don’t talk on your cell phone, even if you are just turning the application in. This will get an employer to automatically put you in the “NO” file without even reading what you have on the application.
7. Ask for the manager, give good eye contact, and introduce yourself. This is a good way to make sure they remember you.

If you don’t care, they don’t care!

More “Tips” to follow in other blogs.



Good idea..

One thing I think people forget is that, for students who aren't going on to college, high school needs to be a complete education for beginning life on your own.

I've heard kids say they don't care about making grades because they aren't going to college...Duh! If you want people to think you are worthy...BE WORTHY.

I've hired hundreds of people with all sorts of credentials and never once asked about a high school GPA. If a person wants to tell me, I'm interested. What I care about is performance. Show me you aren't a quitter by finishing the job...And, Until you get a diploma...

High School is your job.

They need to teach basics,

They need to teach basics, too, like balancing a checkbook, paying your bills on time, maintaining a household budget, not getting your girlfriend pregnant until you're both ready, etc. etc.

Whatever happened to..

Home Economics?

Isn't that essentially what you're talking about?

Of course back in the day, it was all about cooking and sewing for girls, but what could it be today?

(And we don't have to teach them about NOT getting pregnant. We've got that abstinence ed stuff, right?)

Real World

What I am talking about is prepping the non-college bound person for the "real world" and applying for a job.

Our Roane County Schools aren't doing a great job at this. I can tell within moments of getting an application whether I will hire the person or not. In my 4 years as a Roane County business person, I have hired more people from Oakdale than anywhere else.

Why? They have the skills mentioned in the first part of this.

Home Economics is a great thing, but there is no need to balance your checkbook if there is no money in it.


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