Jun 27 2020
08:45 am

Opinion: Will Biden Win Tennessee in November?

It's going to either be real close or a blow out for Biden.

In January Mason Dixon polling had Trump up over 20 points against Joe Biden. At the end of May Trump had lost 11 points but still held a 9 point lead. Then the killing of George Floyd by police came to the forefront. Trump's "law and order" head busting, tear gassing, violations of the right to peaceful protest was roundly criticized by most everybody and his "Let them all die" handling of the covid-19 pandemic made the USA a pariah in international travel as hospital ICU's are being overrun with the critically ill victims of Trump's incompetence and...Yes...meanness.

Trump's disapproval ratings are historic. They are going to go much lower as Americans die from his malevolent corruption. He has turned to Russian and Chinese dictators for help holding on to a job he is unfit to handle.

It is so bad for Trump that he caved in to the Black Lives Matter protesters and issued an Executive Order for police reform. It was nothing but a piece of paper with no real meaning but it shows he's more than worried. His Tulsa rally was a disaster, with a mere 6000 people showing up after he predicted a MILLION people would be there, an exageration of Trumpian proportion that made him even more of a laughing stock in the world view.

His team of flying monkeys keeps giving rosy statements that everything is going just fine as the USA surpasses everyone in the world except Brazil in covid infections and deaths. His minions lie about the BLM protests as rioters, even as it comes to light that the Nashville Courthouse was torched by the anti government, white supremacist Three Percenter members, which GOP Senate candidate Bill Hagerty proudly posed with for a campaign photo.

The majority of Americans voted against Trump in the last election and they are going to do that again but in far greater numbers this time. Trump's approval rating in TN was only 51% 6 months ago. He is certainly underwater now. Trump and the GOP can not win a fair election. They have earmarked $20 million to fight vote by mail. TN now has mail in ballots for every registered voter who requests it.

We live in "interesting times".


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