Mar 15 2020
08:09 am

From Ron Woody,

“This past week Roane County Commission Chairman Randy Ellis and I have talked on numerous occasions about the county’s action on the matter as we have talked with our Health Department Director Laura Connor, met with a TEMA employee today, discussed the issue with elected officials and Director of School LaDonna McFalls, participated in a judicial meeting with the district attorney, public defender’s office and members of law enforcement representing the 9th judicial district and engaged in a conference call. Also on a daily and sometimes hourly basis discussion with EMA /OES Director Tim Suter have taken place. I have spoken with others including regional mayors/executives on two different occasions in meetings and with congressional office personnel and even TVA personnel.

Here is the short version and only part of what is going on:

Two state orders have been put in place. The governor issuing Executive Order No.14 and the state supreme court with an order suspending in-person court proceedings (ADM2020-00428). Both of these can be found on the county website. (link...)
Schools are out next week on Spring Break (March 16-22, 2020) and will continue to assess whether an additional week should be taken or even more extended time. They are and have prepared for a number of options.
Jury trials have been cancelled but courts will be opened on a limited basis. Generally speaking no one from the general public will have access to the courts outside of what has been noted in the supreme court order as noted in # 1 above. (Please see on the county website).
General public is not allowed to visit inmates. Lawyers will have access to their clients.
Additional cleaning is taking place at the courthouse. The courthouse is open.
Although no specific guidelines have been established, it is recommended not to have a large gathering of people. The commission will determine at a later date whether a commission meeting will be held. We have not cancelled any committee meetings. Some churches of course have cancelled.
The Roane Gala has been cancelled.
Information on covid-19 can been found in both the state and federal government websites:



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