Aug 11 2008
07:23 am
By: WhitesCreek

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers, it seems like each week we lose a couple of Classmates and readers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Billie Sue Brackett Oran and Larry "Butch" Greene, one of my classmates from '57....

On to the mailbag this week, first off Dennis "Hoot" Gibson is looking for anyone with a film of the 1962 Bowl Game between Rockwood and Pikeville. A good question came in from a reader, Steve Scarborough...I usually refer to Harriman citizens as Harrimanites, Kingston residents as Kingstonians, Crossville folk as Crossvillians, What are Rockwood's townspeople called? Steve asks, " Are we Rockwoodiens, Rockwoodians, Rockwoodites, or my favorite (Steve's), Rockwooders?" Thanks Steve, a good questions. Get your thinking caps on readers and send me your thoughts on the subject, we will make it into a popularity contest...our own "Rockwood Memories Olympics."

Chuck Taylor's tale about the culvert in Black Hollow brought an inquiry from Nancy Ingram Kenderdine all the way from Oklahoma..Nancy wrote, "One of the items that's been on my "bucket list" forever is: "Explore Back Cave". (although since I am a bit claustrophobic, it will probably never get checked off now). It's the cave with the big entrance off Post Oak Road. Or (at least I think that's the name of that road that runs from Eureka to Post Oak). Anyway, I was always told that the cave really did go all the way to "Front Cave", the entrance to which was somewhere on the old golf course. I was wondering if you would ask your readers if any of them ever really explored it (or went all the way through it), or had any good stories about it. It's Rockwood lore I would love to hear more about. Thanks, Nancy........Thank you Nancy. I am sure a few brave souls dared to walk the length of the cave and will tell us about it.
More emails about our jobs in our earlier years are still coming in..This one is from Bob Rodgers (Class of 1956)..Lets see what Bob had to say, " As a teen, I worked for Mr. Thurman Easter during the summer monthes hauling coal to folks and businesses who had stoker fed furnaces. I could shovel a shovelful out, and ten shovelsful would fall back in its place. I don't remember how many tons we delivered at a time, but I got $3.00 a truck load and it took the better part of a day to unload. Next I worked at the Home Store bagging groceries. Judy Ables Giles was the cashier, and we made less than $.50 per hour, and had to wear a bow tie to boot. Next I worked for Mr. Mack O'Dell at his shoe shop located down behind the meat market. I brought home a whopping $5.00 a day, but I only worked on Saturdays. $5.00 went a pretty good ways back in 1954 and 1955. Mr. Mack was one of the best men I ever worked for." Bob Rodgers....Thanks Bob for sharing that with us...
Kendall Morgan, (Class of 1951) had quite a few jobs during his school years. Kendall was one of Rockwood's finest athletes. Let's see what Kendall did in his "spare" time. This is what Kendall wrote, " 7th thru 9th grades..(.Delivered papers, worked at father's Texaco Station ...Coke Company loading trucks by hand).....10th thru 1 yr. college...( Worked at the Home Store with several other Rockwood students, Unloaded father's coal truck at Rockwood and Campbell High Schools) 2nd and 3rd yr. college (Operated Rockwood park & Beach with Charles King)...We had two great summers. Thanks Kendall, I might add that Charles King (Class of 1951) was also one of Rockwood's finest athletes. I am attaching a copy of a Rockwood Times article Kendall sent about he and Charles at the beach...Thanks Kendall

Well readers, the time has come and gone for this week, don't forget our poll about what Rockwood citizens names should be.....Until next week,


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