Oct 12 2019
07:27 am

...researchers found that a diet comprising of plenty of fruits and vegetables and fresh products as opposed to processed foods could help people with depression. Following a Mediterranean style diet for just three weeks was associated with a decline in the depression score in a group of young adults. These participants with moderate depression came down to normal range with no depression and lower levels of stress and anxiety.


This amazes me!

The authors wrote that there is evidence that depression and poor diet choices go hand in hand. They explained that to date there has been only a single randomized controlled trial that studied the effects of dietary intervention on depression symptoms.

No studies of this kind have been performed on young adults, say the researchers. This age group is particularly vulnerable to anxiety, stress and depression as well as poor diet choices.

It's like there's some big corporate conspiracy to stop the world from learning that good healthy food eliminates the need for a whole bunch of high priced medicine.

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