Aug 29 2019
08:17 am

It's more complicated that that, of course. Roof top solar tied to the grid is a huge environmental boon. TVA denied that. The Judge says "Go ahead with your lawsuit, environmentalists!" (Figuratively speaking)

U.S. District Court Judge Liles C. Burke on Monday denied a request from TVA to dismiss a lawsuit filed last September challenging TVA's adoption of a pricing schedule that raises the fixed fees to get TVA-generated power. A coalition of environmental groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy, Friends of the Earth and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, charged that TVA's grid access charge and related cuts in solar purchase payments combined to discourage investments in solar energy systems, energy efficiency measures and other forms of distributed energy.


I am a big fan of these folks

TVA is missing the boat on

TVA is missing the boat on solar. Instead of resisting, they should get in the business of solar sales/leasing, installation, maintenance and financing.

Get me started

On all the things TVA is missing the boat on. De-carbonizing TVA does not have to only be about nuclear. Solar is the future!

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