Aug 3 2019
06:33 pm
By: WhitesCreek

As we all know, it was for over a century known as the Grand Old Party, G.O.P. No one could in truth call the organization that now. It is certainly not Grand, and it is questionable that there is enough resemblance to the old party to legitimately call it the Old Party. No. In truth it is now nothing but a fanatical personal cheering squad, not unlike that of the Nazi and Fascist organizations of the 1920-1930s. One can close one’s eyes and almost hear the echoes of “sieg heil.”

Remember the German roots whence our own fuhrer sprang.

Gerald Largen writes the truth!


Gerald’s column is entitled “A View from Lick Skillet” rather than “The View from Lick Skillet.” There are as many views from Lickskillet as there are people living here. In fact, Gerald says it is spelled Lick Skillet. I run those words together: Lickskillet. A minor difference in our views.

One way you can tell who lives in Lickskillet is they have a Kingston telephone number (landline not cell), Harriman mailing address, Rockwood electricity, and Midtown water—we are County!


Thank you CloudRainbow!

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