Why Isn't the Publication of Political Propaganda "Something of Value" to a Campaign?

Calling any Trump speech "electrifying, patriotic,and unifying" is a stretch by any rational standard but this one was full of obvious lies. Of course any column by Ms Charles is usually full of distortions and flat out lies as well, so perhaps she either can't discern fact from fiction or doesn't care. Her claim that 10,000 people were camped out in the rain for "45-plus hours" is a flat out lie. Here's the fact check from CNN:



Do you have an explanation for why the Roane County News continues to publish this drivel?

No I don't

I have expressed my opinion that it devalues the Roane County News to publish easily fact checked falsehoods and then not require the columnist to personally correct the lies. The Editor says it's "opinion" and I say it's not "opinion" if it is an out right lie. I realize that it is almost impossible to find a "conservative" columnist who doesn't lie to make their point, but so what? If you have to lie to make your case, you don't have one.

I see

You gotta’ wonder if people who lie know right from wrong.

Wish I could see the humor in this…

Thanks for trying.

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