Jun 21 2019
08:35 am
By: WhitesCreek

Earth and Sky is a great resource for the interested. Today is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day in the southern one. It's not the hottest day because of the thermal flywheel effect. It just takes time to warm up the ground after winter. The Sun heats us up and the Earth radiates heat back into space, with the maximum temperature typically reached in Late July or early August. For temperatures to remain in the "life zone" heat energy received from the Sun must be balanced by the heat energy the Earth radiates back into space. If the Earth can't radiate all of the heat it receives from the Sun, things warm up forever.

Lots of things affect this balance. Right now in Earth's history, the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide is a growing hindrance to the Earth maintaining the appropriate temperature for life as we know it. By every metric known to science, the Earth is heating up. This is global warming and it is our fault. By burning fossil fuels we have raised the CO2 content of the atmosphere to a point that the Earth cannot radiate an equal amount of heat into space and it is heating up. The fix is easy. Stop doing the thing that is destroying our climate.

We have no where else to go.

I hope you enjoyed Spring 2019. The storms of Summer are upon us.


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