Jun 18 2019
04:31 pm

Another rare plant in Roane County!




What an incredible discovery! Lucky you!

Botanists were here today

This is an undescribed species until now (soon). It lives in Cumberland plateau stream side cobble bars. boulder strewn stream sides that are flooded often and have a very special plant community that can survive the extreme conditions of flood and sun bake.

If I had found it....

then it would have been some kind of exotic from another continent. Finding anything rare or unknown to the finder generally means it is invasive or non-native so this discovery had to be amazing. I hope you are participating in SGI's TN Highway Project. Or at least participating with iNaturalist- at least with the common plants.

I discussed it with folks

I discussed it with folks from the Austin Peay arboretum before they came out and took cuttings. I just asked them about it when they were out looking at another species, stewartia ovata.

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