May 13 2019
07:06 pm
By: WhitesCreek

If I could end football as a "sport"in public school I would not hesitate!

Stanley Morgan, 64, once a Volunteer of distinction, a near-legend in 14 years of professional football, is a victim of concussions, maybe more than 30

Stanley is convinced his brain has been damaged. He says he is struggling with depression, mood swings and memory loss. He has good days and bad days and a few that are impossible.

The good ones are when he feels like getting out of bed and doing something. He is grateful that he can walk and play golf. He can’t run. That hurts. Running was what he did.


It's sad the pain Stanley

It's sad the pain Stanley Morgan and so many other former players have to endure in their later years.
Morgan was one of the best players to ever play at UT. He helped make Tennessee football relevent.
I have a great nephew who was a pretty good quarterback in high school. He suffered a couple of concussions so he switched to baseball and is now playing in college so he doesn't regret the move at all.

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