Feb 15 2019
06:17 pm

Given that the cost of installing the equivalent solar power capacity is less than the operating cost alone, this is not surprising. It will heavily affect the local communities who will lose the jobs.


Be careful what you wish for…

I'm not wishing for anything really

We both know TVA pays no attention to what the people want, anyway. But, rumors have been circulating for a couple of years about Kingston. Who knows what will happen. The worst case scenario is that TVA leaves us with the environmental legacy and no jobs in return.

The handwriting is on the wall about what TVA wants.

The TVA-KIF site is providing state of the art improvements so it should be good for another decade (or two? or more?)

At the same time, TVA requested an early site permit (ESP) to prepare to build two small nuclear reactors upstream on the Clinch River (~CRM 15). If approved, TVA has up to 20 years to develop a reactor design. A Nuclear Regulatory Commission decision on granting an ESP is due later this year (2019).



Replacing the steam plant with small nuclear reactors long term is speculation.

Time will tell.

Just posted online: TVA Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 2019


What is the IRP?

TVA’s 2019 IRP is a comprehensive study that provides direction on how TVA can best meet future demand for power. The IRP will help shape TVA’s power-generation system and offer direction on how TVA provides low-cost, reliable electricity; supports environmental stewardship; and fosters economic development in the Tennessee Valley for the next 20 years. TVA released the draft IRP as Volume I on Feb. 15, and stakeholders and the public are invited to comment through April 8.

You were right!

Coal Plants.
All of the alternatives and portfolios include the potential retirement of the coal-fired Shawnee, Cumberland, Gallatin, and Kingston Fossil Plants by 2038.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.