Jan 25 2019
08:09 am

This kid won his science fair claiming that he "proved" that Tom Brady cheated because it's easier to throw and catch a 5 pound football than a 9 pound football. When I get to be emperor of the Universe I will require that people who judge science fairs pass a basic test on the scientific method.

A 10-year-old boy in Kentucky set out to discover through hard science one of history’s most debated questions: Is Tom Brady a cheater?

The method Ace used was nothing short of objective. The fourth-grader tested three different footballs in four categories: throwing, catching, accuracy and distance. He tested a five-pound ball, a seven-pound ball and a nine-pound ball in each category.

Throughout his experiments, he found that it was easier to catch and throw the football that weighed five pounds compared to the two other balls.

Therefore Brady cheated.

This is just plain stupid. It's like proving that lighter cars with more horsepower go faster than heavier cars with less horsepower, therefore the officials blew the call in the Saints game and the Rams should win the Super Bowl. I am no Tom Brady fan and I'm pulling for the Rams. But, letting things like this go forward contributes to the ignorance in America that will ultimately destroy us if not corrected.

Lack of critical thinking skills leads to voting for Republicans. It has to stop or we're doomed!


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