Dec 21 2018
09:30 am

The one we note here in the northern hemisphere is today at around 5:23 PM. The southern hemisphere has its winter solstice in June, amazingly at exactly the same moment we here in the north will celebrate our summer solstice. It's an astronomical thing, very scientific and orderly and not subject to the whims of priests, gods, nor goddesses, though claims of such are often made. But there's good news for the cold averse in all this. Our shortest day is upon us and Winter will now start in earnest, but it will grow progressively lighter longer and eventually warmer. Seed catalogs cannot be far behind.

Here is more than you probably want to know about all that.



As it is the season (here in the north) to celebrate the cycles of the seasons in the darkest season, please let me wish you happiness in whatever customs you choose. If you want to wish me something in return, I would be most happy with the truth.

Happy Solstice Day!

I love this post!

Warm good wishes to you and yours for the Holiday Season (especially a Happy Solstice!)

Live long and prosper!

Live long and prosper!

And enjoy!

And enjoy!

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