Tusks 11 feet long, 10 feet tall at the shoulder, This is a major ongoing story of Tennessee's fossil natural history. It ought to be big in our schools. The Gray fossil site is thought to be a Miocene watering/sink hole from 4.5 million to seven million years ago. There are several mastodons found in the same spot. The biggest one, Ernie, was originally calculated to weigh 16 tons. A modern African elephant weights 6 tons. Ernie was freakin' HUGE!

And Ernie is from Tennessee. I hereby propose Ernie the Mastodon officially be named the Tennessee State Elephant!

He’d been offering tantalising hints throughout his presentation: an ulna here; a large femur there; a calculated weight of 16 tons for this animal. But it wasn’t until he showed an image of the excavated jaw that some of us became really excited.



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