Oct 25 2018
10:41 am

Here are some tidbits from a study by (link...)

34% of businesses in Tennessee cite broadband as a main driver in their decisions to locate to the state. They also attribute 43% of new jobs and 66% of revenues to broadband availability.(xv)

Between 2011 and 2015, the fiber infrastructure in Hamilton County generated significant economic and social benefits, accounting for $1.3 billion and 5,200 jobs.(xvi)
Among the 14.1% of Tennesseans who run businesses exclusively from their home, 66.8% would not be in business without the internet and 92.8% say broadband specifically is essential for their business.(xvii)

Large and Small Business Growth:

Broadband internet boosts local economic development through business attraction and job growth,and it helps families gain wealth and economic mobility by facilitating access to employment.
For every 1,000 new broadband users, 80 new jobs are created.(xviii)
In comparison to offline job searches, online searches decrease the time of unemployment by 25%.(xix)
Job Search and Employment:
Gaining 4 Mbps can increase household income by $2,100 per year on average.(xx)
20% of households in Tennessee report $5,000 in additional income per year from using the internet.(xxi)

The full study should be read by every elected official in Roane County!



Here's the PDF of the full report:

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