Jul 20 2018
07:33 am

● TN-Gov: While Rep. Diane Black and businessman Randy Boyd have mostly attacked one another ahead of the Aug. 2 GOP primary, they're each out with a new spot taking aim at businessman Bill Lee. Two recent polls showed Lee in third place while Black and Boyd were ahead, so this could be sign they're both worried he's surging in the final weeks of the contest.

Black's commercial sarcastically asks if Lee would be voting in the Democratic primary because he'd "see some familiar faces on the ballot." The narrator says that Lee gave money to both former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, who is the Democratic frontrunner, and former Gov. and Senate candidate Phil Bredesen. He then declares, "Too bad disgraced [former Nashville] Mayor Megan Barry isn't on the ballot—Bill Lee supported her too and she pushed sanctuary city policies, gun control and abortion."

According to The Tennessean, Lee donated a total of $1,750 to the three of them since 2005, with his Barry contribution coming in 2015. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands he's given Republican candidates, but of course Black doesn't care about that.

Neither does Boyd, whose spot accuses Lee of having "donated to disgraced liberal Democrat Mayor Megan Berry, who supported sanctuary cities." It also says Lee served as "state president of a group that lobbied for amnesty for illegals," and argues that Lee "didn't support Donald Trump in 2016," which is also a charge Black recently leveled against Boyd.

Boyd isn't letting up on his attacks on Black, though. He's out with a new spot declaring that in Washington, Black's "net worth increased by more than $40 million," and argues that while "enriching herself, D.C. Diane worked to raise our taxes by $160 million, while cutting her taxes by millions." While we initially wondered if that last bit was actually Boyd attacking Black over the GOP's tax bill, his campaign says he was really going after her for a 2002 vote in the state legislature to raise a tax on cigarettes.

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So what do I take from that?

Diane Black has gotten very rich using her Washington office to make money and Randy Boyd is Pro-Smoking.

What ticks me off most about

What ticks me off most about Black is that she voted to steal surplus money out of social security.

I agree!

I agree!

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