Jul 17 2018
06:06 pm

Right now tonight...If you have a 10 x pair of binoculars you can see four moons of Jupiter. There are 75 more!

These moons are all pretty tiny, ranging between less than a mile and nearly two miles wide. And they break down into three different types. Two orbit closer to Jupiter, moving in the same direction that the planet spins. Farther out from those, about 15.5 million miles from the planet, there are nine that rotate in the opposite direction, moving against Jupiter’s rotation. But in this same distant region, one strange moon that astronomers are calling Valetudo is moving with Jupiter’s spin, like the two inner moons. That means it’s going in the opposite direction of all the other moons in the same area. “It’s basically driving down the highway in the wrong direction,” Scott Sheppard, an astronomer at Carnegie who led the discovery team, tells The Verge. “That’s a very unstable situation. Head-on collisions are likely to happen in that situation.”


That's pretty cool. The

That's pretty cool. The larger the universe of knowledge gets, the smaller the universe gets.

“The Little Prince”

... was filmed on one of them, as I recall. :)




I was hoping someone would notice my cute post.

Complicated Dynamics

Actually, it’s fascinating that Jupiter’s moons have opposing orbits. Lots of physics going on there.

We have evidence of other

We have evidence of other "captured" moons around the solar system. Our own moon appears to have coalesced from the ejecta of a collision with a Mars sized planet. The strange part is how they remain in a stable contra orbit without being ripped apart by Jupiter's massive gravitational forces. Then there's the collision thing when a moon is going the wrong way on the interstate. At least this keeps me from thinking about politics all the time.

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