Jul 8 2018
07:55 am

I was a manufacturer of plastic products. Yes it's true. Thankfully, they weren't "single use" products and some are still in use 30 years later. We recycled everything we could and used post consumer recycle plastics everywhere it was feasible. There weren't many manufacturers who did this but the canoe and kayak industry in particular and the outdoor industry in general have always been committed to environmental awareness and action. This was not true of the plastics industry as a whole and we all suffer for that. Our world is at a tipping point.

I think that if there is an anti-christ it is not Dick Cheney, rather it is the corporation that paid him. Corporations have no soul, no conscience, no heart and they rule the world. It is only when their Chief Financial Officer informs them that they face annihilation, or are simply losing money, that they will consider change. A portion of the plastics industry is now facing the reality that all those "extreme environmentalists" were right all along and something must be done.

Here are the words of Ron Larson, a spokes person for a plastics manufacturer:

Bottles...must have improved design for recycling guidelines to help promote their recovery. And this, he said, is a big one, a "cuss word" to some in the business — more bottle bills.

"That's a nasty word in this industry," he said, "but it works."

Bottle bills will help improve the supply available to meet recycling demand. "Something has to happen," he said. "We need people to lobby for it, not against it, in this industry."

Larson is staring into the crystal ball at the future of his industry and sees it dying. Me too.

So what do we do? Sure, it's good to refuse drinking straws. Don't buy bottled water if at all possible. Recycle your plastic waste. That's all nice but it won't save your children's planet. We have allowed the most anti Planet Earth administration in history to rise to power in the United States of America.

Vote them out! All of them. The big ones and the little ones. The anti science ones. The global warming deniers and their enablers. All of them. VOTE THEM OUT!

There, I feel better. Now let's get to work!


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