Jul 3 2018
06:11 am

It's no secret that I am very critical of our current media and it's failure to fulfill it's constitutional mandate to inform citizens of what people in power are actually doing. One bright light in Tennessee has been Tom Humphrey. Not only did he tell us what was going on but what the goings on actually meant to us. He's been retired but not really. Now he's moving on to being really retired. Here is a comment from the On The Hill announcement"

Connor Coffey says:
July 2, 2018 at 7:09 pm
The continuing disintegration of thoughtful, local political journalism, especially in medium sized media markets like Tennessee, will only serve to reduce civic awareness & engagement and diminish our government’s accountability to its citizens.
It is tragic – and ultimately dangerous – that this type of journalism, often the one true lifeline from constituents to their respective state capitals, county seats and city halls, is now considered by publishers to be an unaffordable luxury.
Mr. Humphrey, I will miss your dedication, insight and equilibrium – attributes needed more than ever in times like these – good luck to your successors and may they keep your flame burning.

It's a darkening day in Tennessee.


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