The Obed River sends us a large portion of our drinking water in Roane County. We need to thank these folks for every inch of land they protect upstream of us.

Obed Wild and Scenic River recently added two tracts totaling 114 acres within the park’s legislative boundary. These tracts were donated by Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning. The first parcel is a 90-acre tract located along the Obed River a few miles upstream from Obed Junction. This tract features extensive river frontage, giant riverside boulders and mature hardwood forests. The second parcel is a 24-acre tract located about halfway down Clear Creek along the popular whitewater run from Barnett Bridge to Jett Bridge.
“Over the past 50 years, Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning has been fortunate to participate in the formation and preservation of the Obed Wild and Scenic River. We are thrilled that a little more of this Tennessee treasure will now be protected and enjoyed forever,“ said Mark Bevelhimer, President of Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning.

Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning (TCWP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of natural lands and waters by means of public ownership, legislation or cooperation with the private sector. Their efforts focus on the Cumberland and Appalachian regions of East Tennessee, but sometimes extend to the rest of the state and nation. TCWP was instrumental in the establishment of both Obed Wild and Scenic River and Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.
“Through this generous donation, Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning has demonstrated their longstanding commitment to the protection of the Obed River and their desire to ensure that this special place will remain a part of our nation’s public lands open to all who want to experience its beauty and sense of wildness,” said Superintendent Niki Stephanie Nicholas.

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