Jun 23 2018
09:37 am
By: WhitesCreek

One of our members sent me this thought:

"Most Roane Co candidates running for office have no contact information, other than maybe Facebook. I don't do Facebook. And the Facebook posts look like a high-schooler's social page. No information on qualifications; no information why they can fill the position; no information as to HOW they will implement any of their ideas/goals.
Can't be an informed voter if I can't contact them!"

I agree completely.

KnoxViews weighs in...

"And here's some more free advice for candidates. When I google for your web page, hopefully I will find it and hopefully it won't be a Facebook page.

And if I do find it, here's what I look for:

First impression, candidate name, photo, and office on front page, donate/volunteer button on front page, accepts online donations, asks for your vote, own domain name, link to resume/bio, links to platform/issues, event calender, fast loading, ease of navigation, polish, graphics, layout, overall presentation and impact."


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