Jun 2 2018
08:10 am

These are the cleaner messages my friends the Russians sent this morning. I get a dozen or so every single day. I leve it to you, fine readers, to figure out what some of these are about. They always have a link to click but I never click on any of them. Don;t you do it either.

From vikladex@xxxxx
"Order sleazy sldnfl without remedy"

jacquelynzv60 tells me that:
"My self-controlled protrude"


This one wants to sell me expanded polystyrene:
"пенополистирол экструдированный купить в

EverLem sent this one to tell me about the Chevy Volt:
"Это первый в истории автомобиль,
использующий электроэнергию в качестве
основного источника энергии, совершенно
нового класса – с технологией “E-REV”

Somehow I'm thinking the link won't be all that automotive. Ha!

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