May 17 2018
01:16 pm

Really interesting poll from Vandy.

Not surprised Bredesen is ahead of Blackburn, especially with her voting record in support of big Pharma and the opiod indusrty tarting to bubble to the surface. More of her pay to play voting record will come out over time.

With an overall favorability score of 67 percent, Democrat and former governor Phil Bredesen is more popular among Tennessee voters than his Republican opponent, Congressman Marsha Blackburn, at 49 percent overall.

Vandy declared the "Governor's Race Wide Open" and really surprised me. Dems have two great candidates running with former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean by far the biggest name. Republicans are running two very rich candidates, with Dianbe Black having some trouble with her sky high unfavorables.

“Diane Black’s unfavorability numbers are a real problem for her in a general election,” said Geer. “Republicans don’t need Democratic votes to win, but they do need votes from independents.”

Dean, the more well-known of the two Democrats, has 47 percent name recognition and a 53 percent overall favorability rating. He’s well-liked by fellow Democrats, with 73 percent favorability, and posts the highest favorability score among independents of all the gubernatorial candidates—60 percent.


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Lost Medicaid Funding

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