I'm very pleased to note that Roane County does not have a policy allowing corporal punishment.

The report also found that for the schools that used corporal punishment for students with and without disabilities, about 80 percent used corporal punishment at a higher rate for students with disabilities in all three reporting years.

Update: Greenbrier, Arkansas administers beatings to two students who participated in the walkout!

My kid and two other students walked out of their rural, very conservative, public school for 17 minutes today. They were given two punishment options. They chose corporal punishment. This generation is not playing around. #walkout

1:06 PM - 14 Mar 2018


I remember "three licks or

I remember "three licks or three days." I took the licks, because I actually liked being at school. But yeah, kids get traumatized enough without getting assaulted by authority figures at school.

It was wrong then and is wrong now

I refused the licks and the suspension the one time it happened to me. I got a lecture.

We've seen NFL players charged with assault for spanking their kids. If someone did it to an adult they would be charged, but we let schools assault children to "keep order"?

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