Mar 12 2018
09:10 am

This is beyond ridiculous. Remember that Kent Calfee voted against the unanimous resolution of the Roane County Commission to kill this in the House. We don't know how Senator Yeager voted but we'll find out.

People, rural Morgan County has fiber internet. Why doesn't Roane County?

No testifiers opposed the bill and none of the members offered comments in opposition to the bill or gave reasons for their votes other than Sen. Nicely. Members voted against advancing the bill with 3 yeas and 4 nays. In the end, the Committee let down rural folks in Tennessee and chose to vote to preserve the telephone and cable monopolies. We hope rural Tennesseans were watching and remember moments like this the next time they go to the voting booth.

So there are at least four State Senators who work for AT$T, Comcast, and Charter and not for the citizens in their District.


Joe, I wanted to thank you

I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to testify before the committee on SB1045 last week. We came closer than ever to passage. As you may already be aware, Sen. Bowling has two more broadband bills up in the committee on Tuesday, SB1058 and SB1057. Rep. Dan Howell is presenting them in the House Business & Utilities Subcommittee on Tuesday as well. We can use all the help we can get, so I am including the contact information for the relevant committee members in case you may have a network of folks that would be willing to e-mail these legislators in support of our legislation. If you know of anybody that is willing to e-mail, please have them reference SB1057/HB969 and SB1058/HB970 in their correspondence.

The contact information for the members of the Senate Commerce Committee is as follows:

Chairman Jack Johnson:; 615-741-2495

Senator Mark Green:; 615-741-2374

Senator Kerry Roberts:; 615-741-4494

Senator Dolores Gresham:; 615-741-2368

Senator Bill Ketron:; 615-741-6853

Senator Frank Niceley:; 615-741-2061

Senator Reginald Tate:; 615-741-2509

Senator Bo Watson:; 615-741-3227

Senator Ken Yager:; 615-741-1449

The contact information for the House Business & Utilities Subcommittee members is as follows:

Chairman John B. Holsclaw, Jr.:; 615-741-7450

Representative Kent Calfee; 615-741-7658

Representative Brenda Gilmore:; 615-741-1997

Representative Marc Gravitt:; 615-741-1934

Representative Curtis G. Johnson:; 615-741-4341

Representative Pat Marsh:; 615-741-6824

Representative Jerome Moon:; 615-741-5481

Representative Jason Powell:; 615-741-6861

Representative Mike Sparks:; 615-741-6829

Representative Kevin Vaughan:; 615-741-1866

Thank you again for all that you have done to help us in this important task of bringing broadband access to those in the State of Tennessee!


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