Feb 22 2018
09:34 am

Steve Kelley was a good person, a great County Commissioner and a friend. He will be sorely missed.


Steve Kelley was a friend

Smarter than he had any business being, Steve Kelley was the first openly atheist county commissioner in the state of Tennessee. The state constitution says atheists cannot hold public office in Tennessee and he was itching to be the test case that would wipe that onerous section out of our constitution for good. Perhaps the fact that he was a damned good county commissioner prevented any action. Thoughtful and entirely rational, Steve made his decisions based on merit and not on who you were or who you knew.

Together, he and I cooked the burgers and dogs in the Labor Day picnic sun for 5 years or so, having some really great conversations on the state of the world and the county while sweating profusely at our task. He also made a glorious chocolate chip cookie.

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