Rockwood Mayor and School Board member, Brillo Miller, was quoted in a Damon Lawrence article where the School Board was discussing teacher pay...

“I know some people have been critical of us saying that we pay our teachers too much – that’s part of our problem,” Board Member Mike “Brillo” Miller said. “Well I’m guilty, and I will continue to be guilty to vote to increase their pay.”

...“For someone to be critical of what these educators make, again I’ll say it, it’s just stupidity,” he said.

I thought that was a bit harsh at first but then Brillo is passionate about our schools and is a paragon of personal service to his town, our schools, and Roane County, and I figure he is entitled to a bit of hyperbole. Then...Right on cue a letter writer attacks Roane County teachers in general and Brillo personally.

"It is truly a shame that the city of Rockwood, in its 150-year history, does not have anyone to name a sports complex after."

This is why we can't have nice things in Roane County. When someone such as Mayor Miller, who has served and still serves our county in an unpaid position and has contributed in ways and efforts vastly beyond most citizens, and the Roane County News allows someone, not to intelligently disagree with them, but to attack them on a personal level, it has to be frustrating and painful. After consideration I think Mayor Miller might be correct in his choice of words, and to be fair, was calling the criticism stupidity, not the criticizer. That is a world of difference from the personal attacks of the letter writer.

Apparently the letter writer is jealous of Mayor Miller having had a sports complex named for him. Perhaps the Rockwood city fathers and mothers could ease the writers personal feelings of inadequacy by naming one of the toilets at the Brillo Miller Sports Complex after the writer allowing him to flush away his bile and saving the rest of us from having to deal with it.

OK, look...I poke fun at the letter writer but there is a serious point here...

We have to get past personal attacks in our discussions. We have to base our arguments on facts and reason. When someone veers away from facts and into the land of personal attacks, it should tell us their position is not justifiable.


It’s clear that some people derive pleasure from hurting others.

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