Well, that was a waste of America's time.

Andrea Mitchell: "One lie on top of another."

Charles Pierce: "The only interesting thing about this speech is what an utter crock of s*** it is."

Michael Bloomberg: "Utterly terrifying warmongering....Trump determined to strike North Korea."

Reaction to Stormy Daniels on Jimmy Kimmel: Akward at best. It's obvious it's true. She got paid and can;t say that. Trump has ridiculously low standards. Painful as it was, it was less so than Trump's SOTU monologue. I genuinely felt sorry for the members of Congress who had to sit through that.


My dad, a Trump supporter, was also disappointed. He made the comment that Trump’s poor staff doesn’t know what to do after speeches like that, fearing they’d be fired for trying to guide/correct him.

So, there is at least one honest Trump supporter. Sigh.

This just in:

Trump's speech crashed fact checker web site. PolitiFact's website rated nearly 70 percent of Trump's statements as either "Mostly False," "False" or "Pants on Fire.


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