Jan 25 2018
09:52 am

I suspect we will see some sort of rah rah drivel on our local newspaper op-ed page touting Trump's masterful handling of the Democratic budget crises. Of course Trump was excluded from participation and spent the weekend watching TV and tweeting. I expect this because we were told how Trump "masterfully handled" the North Korea situation, which is amazing since North Korea continues to dominate the nuclear news with the CDC considering posting information on how to survive a nuclear strike, (changed it at the last minute to a flu preparedness session after some public uproar).

I wonder if we'll hear how Trump's affair with a porn star is fake news, or why his son in law can't get a security clearance because he is hanging out with a Chinese agent who happens to be Rupert Murdoch's ex wife and Vladimir Putins girlfriend?


What's the over and under on how many overtly false statements we'll see in tomorrow's Roane County News op-eds?


Isn’t there some kind of bible quote that says people should keep their religious views to themselves?

Not being a Christian, she certainly makes me feel unwelcome here.

Or maybe constantly claiming that every one should be Christian is how they think they get into heaven?

By their acts they are known

Christians should be know by how their actions would be like Christ. I think Flo's constant lying would be tough to get a pass in the Christianity department, but then I'm not going to judge.

I counted over a dozen obvious falshoods

If you had 12, you are the winner!

Didn't come close to adding up the things that were mere misrepresentations.

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