Jan 11 2018
08:31 am

That headline is a massive understatement. The story says this meeting took place in Rockwood but I have to wonder if that is correct?

A federal jury at Chattanooga on Wednesday morning heard a tape of racist remarks by former Pilot President Mark Hazelwood.

In the secretly recorded tape at a Pilot sales meeting in Rockwood, Tn., Hazelwood made fun of the Cleveland Browns owned by Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam.

There were frequent references to the "N" word and playing of a country song using the "N" word repeatedly at the late night gathering that involved heavy drinking.

There were derogatory remarks about black residents of Cleveland as well as Oakland, Calif., home of another NFL franchise.


So for the Haslams is racism a "bug" or a "feature"?

My sources tell me that the

My sources tell me that the meeting was at a lake house in Rockwood.

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