Jan 10 2018
12:05 pm

I can't post a short quote that explains what this article profess. You have to read it, but here's a try:

It just so happens that nonprofit news organizations are perfectly optimized for that. They don’t have a shareholder or profit responsibility — they have a responsibility to a mission,” Voice of San Diego editor-in-chief Scott Lewis told me. “Thinking of journalism as an educational resource is a better way to anchor what we do.” The idea that the future of local news depends on recasting it as an essential public good came up again and again as I talked to people in the field. “The concept of journalism as an altruistic public benefit is key,”


Bottom line, shareholder profit incentives slant news and reporting. With the massive corporate mergers comes massively slanted reporting. There is no simple answer.

Our late friend Rikki Hall

Our late friend Rikki Hall was on this idea several years ago. More recently, Knoxville Mercury tried it. They had a good run, but in the end the public support wasn't there. For some reason, people would rather pay for an inferior product like KNS.

Is it left to folks like us

Is it left to folks like us who don't need an income to deliver the "news"? If so we're in for a tough time.

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