Dec 29 2017
09:26 am

God elected Donald Trump.

The USA was founded on the Mayflower Compact, not the Constitution.

God wanted the tax cut (even though 75% of Americans didn't).

Trump has "masterfully handled North Korea", never mind the actual fact that N. Korea has launched more and bigger nuclear capable ICBM's since they got masterfully handled by Trump than before.

The American people voted to elect Trump (by minus 3 million votes) and God made them do it.

Flo Charles is delusional.

She doesn’t appear to have a

She doesn’t appear to have a grasp. I’m astonished she’s been given a platform.

It's like Flo is a little pom pom girl

...bouncing up and down cheering we're number one, when her team is more and more detested around the nation and world.

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