Dec 22 2017
08:23 am

This is more than strange. Let's review a couple of FACTS...

1. Corker publicly stated he would not support a tax bill that increased the deficit.

2. The tax bill was written behind closed doors and not debated on the floor of either house of Congress.

3. A provision that benefits real estate LLC's (read Bob Corker $1.5 million and Donald Trump $15 million) was not in either version of the bill passed in the Senate nor the House.

4. The provision is there and Corker suddenly supports the bill, even though he admits it will add half a trillion dollars (more like $1.5 T according to nearly all economists).

5. Corker said he had NOT read the bill prior to voting on it.

"Corker also discussed the call he had with President Trump on Tuesday and said he now understands what the president has been facing in regards to false reporting"

Would you sell your soul for $1.5 million dollars? How about $1.5 million dollars per year for the rest of your business life?

How about a tax bill that eliminates a teacher's ability to write off the cost of school supplies she buys out of her own pocket for her class?

How about a bill that give a deduction for private schools and private jets?

We are living in a very dark time in America.


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