Corker said he wouldn't support any tax bill that would raise the deficit. Then, a provision was inserted into the bill that was not in either the Senate nor House version that would personally benefit Bob Corer to the tune of millions of dollars. Corker now says two things:

"I will vote yes."

"I haven't read the bill."

David Sirota reports:

"Sen. @JohnCornyn tells @ThisWeekABC that last-minute provision enriching @SenBobCorker & other GOP lawmakers was added to the tax bill as part of an effort to “cobble together the votes we needed to get this bill passed”"



His blatant and public display of greed shows us what disregard/contempt he has for his constituents.
I welcome his political demise.

1 out of 50 economists Think The GOP Tax Plan Will Work

The other 49 are calling it a disaster in progress.

Nearly 70% of voters are against the Tax Bill.

Corker will only make just over a million dollars per year from the real estate LLC tax cut alone.

What's your problem?

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