A hunter is supposed to be able to see whether they are shooting at an antlered deer or not. It is NOT an accident if they shoot a person. It's murder. Deer season is on right now in Roane County. I'm glad to see attitudes evolve in Maine, but I wonder about Tennessee?

“Just because it’s fall and it’s hunting season, the woods do not belong to the hunters,” he said. “It’s not a person’s responsibility to wear orange or not go into the woods. It’s the hunter’s responsibility not to fire at something unless they know what they’re firing at. That’s really the biggest thing to me, is people are acting like she should have been wearing a lot more orange or she should have not been in the woods. Anybody can be in the woods. Especially on their own property. Hunters need to just know what they’re shooting at.”

Here's the whole story but you may have to take a survey to view it: (link...)

Of course I highly recommend

Of course I highly recommend that folks wear high visibility colors in the woods this time of year. Not every hunter is responsible.

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